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Our Story 

Decryption was created with two objectives in mind:


To help startup brands advance and exceed their goals through preeminent marketing strategies that will accelerate their growth so they can advance in the marketplace.

Also, to be the marketing firm that represents contemporary culture, divergence, freshness, and a commitment to philanthropy.

We believe in thinking outside of the traditional marketing customs. And although we're versed in traditional marketing tactics—we separate ourselves from other marketing firms by devising distinctive, contemporary culture-focused, results-driven, marketing strategies to help our clients overcome present day problems to increase brand awareness, sales revenue, as well as cultivate brand attitude.

We believe that great marketing helps brands become great. And that great brands can help change the world.


Our Founder

Dejuan Wright Decryption (2).png

DeJuan Wright

Founder & Chief Brand Officer

Decryption is the conception of our Founder & Chief Brand Officer DeJuan Wright.  

DeJuan has over 12 years of experience in branding, digital marketing coordination, content marketing, and social media marketing.

Frustrated by observing a lack of cultural understanding and creative divergence in the marketing industry, DeJuan created Decryption in 2021 to help startup brands impart their best narrative by connecting with consumers through contemporary culture-focused branding and marketing services.


Also, to interfuse those brands with contemporary culture. 

DeJuan has orchestrated and implemented successful marketing campaigns for tech startups, biopharmaceutical companies, entertainment artists, clothing brands, and FMCG brands.

He is passionate about market research, and fusing that research with metrics along with the art of storytelling to create results-driven brand strategies and content to help startups decrypt their brand's best narrative to connect with their audience on a deeper level.


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