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Digital Marketing Coordination

“It's always ways that you can digitally touch people.”

Daymond John

A tactical digital marketing strategy is essential in today's fast-paced digital marketplace. In order for a startup to survive and thrive, it must have an incisive digital marketing strategy.


What We'll Do For Your Startup

Our team will orchestrate and implement a digital marketing strategy that'll help your company reach its brand objectives, as well as its sales benchmarks. 

We'll do this by configuring our signature U.N.L.O.C.K. tactics. Which consists of:

  • Utilizing - Guerrilla marketing principles.

  • Networking - Positioning our vast array of contacts, resources, and influencers to generate publicity for your brand.

  • Locating - Your ideal customers.

  • Optimizing - Customer acquisition costs.

  • Conveying - Your brand's best narrative to your audience.

  • KPI's - Analyzing our custom key performance indicators to pinpoint areas of growth for your brand.

We'll also orchestrate optimal email marketing campaigns, provide CRM expertise, perform A/B tests, and generate long-tail keywords that will help give your brand an edge over your competitors in SEO. 

Our coordinated digital marketing tactics will help increase traffic to your website and boost your conversion rate.

Social Media Management

"Social media content is where brand is actually being built."

Gary Vaynerchuk

Social media engagement with your audience is a must when it comes to growing a startup brand in today's digital landscape. Many brands neglect to utilize this outlet; therefore, they miss out on a great opportunity to connect with consumers. Which gives their competitors a great opportunity to seize customers and market share. 

What We'll Do For Your Brand

We'll work with your team to devise a social media campaign tailor-made to promote your brand and engage your audience. By partnering cross-functionally with your team, together—we'll  produce contemporary culturally-relevant content for your social media platforms that will engage, inform, and entertain your audience in a way that will permeate the noise of your competitors and help grow your consumer base.

Our team will also analyze metrics to manage all customer-facing touchpoints in your social media communication channel to help amplify your brand via social media.

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