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"Branding is the art of differentiation."

David Brier

Branding is the creation process of exuding a distinctive perception that you want a product, company, person, or collective to convey to the world.


We'll consult and collaborate with your team to devise a top-down brand strategy to ensure that your brand is accurately perceived by both your current, and soon-to-be customers the way that you want it to be perceived.


Why a Great Brand Strategy Is Important For Your Brand


Without a great brand strategy, a startup is certain to experience inertia. Which will likely result in the brand succumbing to its competitors in the marketplace.


At Decryption, we understand the challenges startups face in trying to garner attention and stand out in a crowded marketplace. That's why we specialize in creating brand strategies specifically to help startups escalate awareness and cultivate brand attitude.


We'll do this by applying our signature U.N.L.O.C.K tactics as part of our overall brand strategy to expand the reach of your brand. We'll work in a cross-functional capacity with your team to provide:


  •  Brand direction

  •  Brand messaging

  •  Budget consultation

  •  Campaign coordination

  •  Market analysis

  •  Promotional ideation

We believe that marketing is the art of creating concepts to connect with consumers. Branding is the key component in creating that connection.


We'll fuse storytelling with data as a key to help connect your brand with your ideal audience to take your brand to heights that will exceed your imagination.

Your brand has a great narrative that we will help you decrypt to connect with consumers, grow market share, vanquish your competitors, and advance in the marketplace.



"Content is like currency."

Damon Dash

One of the most efficient ways for a startup brand to develop a rapport with its audience is via content marketing. If you want to have consumers who are passionate, committed, and emotionally invested in the success of your brand, it is vital to have an exceptional content marketing strategy.

What We'll Do For Your Brand


In order to ensure that your brand has the best content marketing strategies that will connect with your target audience, we will:


  • Create compelling content to distribute through multiple mediums.

  • Cultivate story and tone that is congruent with your brand's values and objectives. 

  • Produce content that will appeal to consumers within the culture.

  • Manage your startup's editorial calendar.

  • Conduct A/B testing.


Content marketing is a very effective tool that'll help your startup generate leads, cultivate brand attitude, and formulate an emotional bond with your target audience.

We'll help your startup advance by decrypting your brand's best narrative to produce captivating and contemporary culturally-relevant content that will inform, entertain, and compel your audience to take desired actions.



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