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New Study Reveals Top 3 Things Gen Zers do Before Buying Something

Would you like to know a good way to give your products or services an optimum chance at being purchased by a particular audience? I thought you would! Well, one of the surest ways to accomplish that objective is simply by understanding the actions that your respective audience typically takes before they’ll make a purchase.

Which brings us to data. The thing that makes data extremely valuable for businesses is that when analyzed and heeded, it could sort of serve as a navigation system; guiding your company in the right direction to avoid spending frivolously on things that won’t yield positive results. 

A study conducted by US youth cultural agency Archrival, and published by Vogue Business, has provided brands like yours interesting insights to understand the path Gen Zers take prior to making a purchase. 

Gen Zers do this before they buy 


Let’s not kid ourselves here, although it’s highly unlikely to actually happen, many startup founders envision their company as being so outstanding and effective—their audience will instantly go out and purchase their products or services after coming across their marketing content. 

In all reality, for the vast majority of marketing content, that certainly isn’t the case. That’s because in nearly every case, a series of events must occur before the consumer will finally commit to buying something. 

Per Archrival, when Gen Zers were asked, when you need to buy something, which of the following do you do before purchasing? 

  • 48% Said they compared prices on Amazon.

  • 45% Said they look for items on sale or special offers.

  • 44% Said they check out options in store.

What’s more, 40% said that they look for reviews from online influencers. While 38% say they ask friends or family for which brands or stores to check out prior to making a purchase.

What the metrics tell us 

You probably noticed that the top three actions Gen Zers take prior to making a purchase—all involve searching for a more inexpensive way to buy what they want. 

This information is important because it tells us that although Gen Zers may have a reputation for their careless spending habits, in all actuality, Gen Zers are almost just as frugal as Millennials are. 

Additionally, according to a Bloomberg study, Gen Zers currently have an estimated $360 billion in disposable income. However, mostly due to inflation—Gen Z consumers aren’t as quick to disengage from their cash as the Bloomberg study would suggest. 

Contemporary culture-focused marketing is the answer

Now that you know Gen Zers aren’t quite the reckless spenders that many brands would love to believe they are; the surest way to persuade them to part with their money to purchase your products or services is through marketing that actually speaks their language and just as importantly—resonates with them from a cultural standpoint.

At Decryption, our motto is Connect Via Culture. We specialize in creating contemporary culture-focused content, branding, and digital marketing strategies to help startups like yours increase awareness and revenue by appealing to more consumers—especially Gen Zers.

Become the next Decryption client today by simply contacting us to schedule a courtesy consultation!


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