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Why Almost 80% Of Consumers Are Unsubscribing From Brands

Updated: Jan 24

Marketing, that is, truly effective marketing, has a lot of the same elements that you’ll find in the act of seduction. Like seduction, marketing is a continuous process of intentionally engaging your target (customers) with the intention of stimulating their interest just enough to the point that they’ll take an action of your desire.

Sadly, one mistake made by far too many brands (and seducers), is the over pursuit of a target. Which in turn, does the opposite of stimulating their target's interest—it repels them.

According to The Optimove 2023 Consumer Marketing Fatigue Survey, 79% of consumers say that they have unsubscribed from receiving messages from at least one retail brand within the last three months. The survey also revealed that 61% of respondents said they have unsubscribed from three or more retail brands. The reason why? Over pursuit.

How over pursuit leads to unsubscribing

Speaking of seduction and over pursuit, in his bestselling book, The Art Of Seduction, author Robert Greene, warns of the dangers of over pursuing a target, especially too early in the seduction process. “Too much attention early on will actually just suggest insecurity, and raise doubts as to your motives. Worst of all, it gives your targets no room for imagination.” Says Greene.

As with seduction, when brands over pursue (e.g., contacting consumers too much via text messaging or email) it eventually erodes any interest consumers may have in the brand by not giving them enough time and space. Which causes them to doubt the brand’s motives and just as bad—its value.

Most consumers today feel as though they’re already being bombarded by messages from brands through television, websites, and especially direct mail. So, when brands contact them too often through text or email—they begin to really experience marketing fatigue. And as a result—they take actions like unsubscribing to create distance between themselves and the brands that are bombarding their inboxes.

How to avoid over pursuing consumers

Seduction is a constant game of give and take. The best seducers understand that in order to truly intrigue and entice your target—you must walk the fine line of giving them just enough attention to spark and hold their interest—but not so much that their imagination doesn’t wonder about you.

That same logic also applies towards marketing. Your brand should reach out to leads and customers just enough to keep and hold their interest. But not so much that they feel repulsed every time they see your brand’s name appear in their inbox.

To avoid consumer repulsion towards your brand, on average, your brand should only reach out to consumers once a week. Or a maximum of twice a week. And that’s only if you have a special offer that you’re certain the recipients of those offers would deem valuable. Anything more than that is over pursuing—which is a sure way to get consumers to unsubscribe from your brand.


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