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3 Personalization Marketing Tactics That'll Make Your Startup More Attractive to Consumers

Updated: Jan 28

I know this may sound crazy, but managing a brand is a lot like today's dating scene. But if you’re currently single, or at least somewhat aware of the challenges of the modern dating scene, and in charge of running a brand—you could certainly draw a parallel between both the advantages, as well as the disadvantages, of dating and managing a brand these days.

Think about it, much like dating, managing a brand has a myriad of both advantages and disadvantages that either could be utilized to work in your favor—or, depending on your circumstances—work against you.

For example, thanks to the prevalence of the internet and social media apps; whether as a brand or for romance—it has become much more difficult to stand out and receive the undivided attention of those you'd like to attract. However, regardless of the times we’re living in, there are a few things that people will always be attracted to. And when it comes to consumers, these are some of those things.

1. Show interest in things they like

Personalization marketing, also known as one-to-one marketing, is an individualized technique applied by businesses which takes detailed information about a customer and utilizes it to build lasting, personable, and mutually beneficial relationships between the customer and the business.

The main difference between personalization marketing and group marketing is that personalization marketing targets customers individually, as opposed to taking the mass market approach.

Regardless of if you’re in the courting phase with a potential customer or significant other, one of the best ways to keep and attract their attention is to understand and be truly interested in the things that they’re interested in.

For example, let's say your company’s data showed that a particular customer’s favorite artist is Taylor Swift. Your startup could reach out to her either via email or text with cool fun facts about Taylor that she’d find interesting and entertaining.

The fact that your company reached out to her, not for the sake of securing a sale, but solely for the sake of engaging with her based on a topic that she was interested in, would go a long way towards getting her to hold your company in a higher regard. As opposed to others who only reach out to her with hopes of closing a sale.

2. Party like it’s their birthday, on their birthday

No matter your age, we all appreciate those who acknowledge us during significant times and events that occur in our lives. And for most people, there are very few events that are more significant to them each year than their birthday.

You probably have heard people complain about a myriad of things in your lifetime, but when was the last time you ever heard someone complain about receiving too many acknowledgments from others on their birthday? It’s never happened, has it? That’s because when it comes to birthdays, just about everyone enjoys being acknowledged on their special day.

Show your love, while also making your startup more attractive—by wishing your customers a happy birthday on their special day each year. Not only that, give them gifts that would express just how grateful you are that they provided your company the information that allowed you to contact them in the first place.

3. Communicate in the right way

In the age of ease, many companies have turned to automation for just about everything possible in order to maximize productivity and their resources. Unfortunately, especially when it comes to consumers, one of the things that a vast majority of companies have now automated—is their interactions with their customers.

With companies now using A.I. and chatbots as a medium to communicate with their customers, the disconnect between businesses and consumers has never been more apparent than it is today.

Position your startup to out from the crowd and become much more attractive to consumers by using real human beings both over the phone, as well as online (instead of bots) when interacting with customers and leads. No matter how advanced and human-like A.I. has become, nothing will ever replace that good ol’ feeling of human-to-human contact.

So, while other companies take the easy road of communication by using bots to interact with customers; take the alternative route and ensure that whenever customers have an interaction with your company—it’ll be with an informative, kind, and gregarious person that is more than happy to speak with them.

Which in the era of automation, is something that is extremely rare and attractive.


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