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The Top 3 Ways Gen Z Consumers Discover New Brands and Products

Updated: Feb 19

Once upon a time, not long ago, newspapers were the equivalent of what the internet is today to most Americans. It was the newspaper that people relied on to find information regarding: news events, television shows, sports details, advertisements, social opinions, as well as to get coupons (you’d probably be surprised by the amount of people that once purchased newspapers just for coupons).

But I don’t have to tell you that those days are no more. Nowadays, people have instant, real-time access to information that’s pertinent to them at their fingertips. And they certainly take full advantage of it.

No generation has taken fuller advantage of that ability to obtain instant information more so than Generation Z has.

According to a recent Gen Z consumer survey conducted by global marketing solutions company Snipp, thanks to the prevalence of the internet, Gen Z consumers are discovering new brands and products in ways unconventional to those that preceded them. These are the top 3 ways the survey shows that they are making those discoveries.

1. TikTok

This may be hard to believe, but by far, Gen Zers are the busiest demographic in the United States. A huge reason for that is due to all of the distractions at their disposal. And when people are easily distracted, short-form content becomes much more appealing to them.

At the moment, the king of short-form videos is TikTok. Which by no coincidence, is also the number one way Gen Z consumers discover new brands and products.

The app’s compact content allows users to quickly decipher information that’s being presented to them by brands, influencers, and ordinary users.

Besides the brevity of TikTok videos, another key reason why the platform is so popular amongst the demographic is because it is tutorial-friendly. Which means the app’s editing features easily allows users to create quick tutorial videos that explains to consumers how and why they should purchase a particular product.

One interesting fact the survey shows is that while 56.1% of women said they discover new brands or products on TikTok, only 32.4% of respondents that were men said the same. Which is the largest disparity between both genders as it pertains to platform popularity amongst Gen Zers.

2. Instagram

For many of the same reasons that led to TikTok becoming such a hit with Gen Zers, Instagram is as well. In fact, before TikTok became the most beloved social media app of the demographic—it was Instagram (AKA “IG”) that held the title.

Despite many marketing professionals suggesting otherwise, Instagram is still wildly popular amongst Gen Zers. Partly due to the fact that it is the birthplace and hub of the social media influencer. And it’s no secret that influencers play a major role in the way Gen Z consumers are introduced to new brands and products.

3. Advertisements (online, social, TV, streaming)

No matter where you go, you’re bound to see them. They’re everywhere you turn. Whether you’re at home watching television. Or searching for something on Google’s search engine—you’re certain to see them. What is that I’m talking about? You may have already guessed it—yes, those dreaded advertisements (well, maybe not so dreaded).

Despite the disdain that many Gen Zers have towards ads for intrusively interrupting their favorite television shows, sports broadcasts, podcasts, and social media sessions; advertisements are actually very valuable to viewers and listeners. Especially when it comes to discovering new brands and products (besides that, if it weren’t for ads—most of the aforementioned wouldn’t exist).

Advertising is still one of the most successful mediums to introduce your brand or products to an audience. Even to the distracted Gen Z consumer.


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